The MACHINIMA FILM FESTIVAL returns to Milan on March 15 2019 during the Milano Digital Week

Featuring a selection of artworks created by artists appropriating, repurposing, and remixing commercial video games, the MMF includes short films and experimental works created by Lisa Carletta, COLL.EO, Joseph DeLappe, Kara Gut, Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, Chris Keric, Luigi Marrone, Luca Miranda, Leonhard Müellner, Bram Ruiter, Brenton Smith, Petra Szeman, Twee Whistler and Brent Watanabe.


This year’s theme is the UNCANNY, the perceptual phenomenon caused by experiences that are at once familiar and alien. Disquieting visions pervade an eclectic program in which glitches, shocks, and disturbing repetitions become a metaphor for societal chaos in the age of algorithms, surveillance capitalism, and artificial intelligence. These alternative narratives question the relationship between authenticity and performance, identity and self preservation in everyday (digital) life. Two longer documentary works examine the unexpected side (effects) of virtual gaming.

Curated by Matteo Bittanti and presented by Gemma Fantacci, the MILAN MACHINIMA FESTIVAL 2019 is organized by the Master of Arts in Game Design at IULM University. Admission is free upon registration. The screenings take place in Sala dei 146 located in the IULM Open Space.